Volcanic Voyage Event
20110902 volcanoEV title

Start Date

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

End Date

Monday, August 8th, 2011

The Volcanic Voyage event is a login event. By logging into tinierme through the main site or facebook, one experience point is earned. The more points are collected, the more the user can reach the finish line while collecting prizes for each path mark per day. At least fifteen (15) points are needed to reach the end.

Complete Path

Points can be used per day or can be saved up and use all at once for a path.

(Layout currently unavailable.)

Event Items

Claiming all items at once is not possible, but listed below are all the available items. Chibi coins and the Kokoro Shoulder Bag is not listed since it was not an event-exclusive item.

Rules and Regulations

  • Logging into TinierMe or to TinierMe for Facebook will count! You will get 1 Experience Point the first time you log in that day.
  • You will not get any points by just being on the site. You must LOG IN to TinierMe each day.
    • Ex. Those logged on to TinierMe MUST log out and then log in again after 0:00 AM PDT (Midnight, US West Coast time) to be stamped for the next day.
  • You can NOT redo or go back or proceed down a different route once you use a Experience Point. You must move forward and follow the route you pick towards the end.
  • The items must be claimed by clicking on the "Reward" button. The items you get during the event will be automatically placed in your Closet.
  • Please use your Experience Points and collect rewards before site updates on September 20 (Tue) 2011. You can not claim any rewards after the event has ended.

External Links

Volcanic Voyage Event Page

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