There are two areas in SelfyTown labled under the term "Under Construction" on the SelfyTown map that appear to be blacked-out images, although players can actually enter the areas.
Under construction

Both areas have a sign reading "COMING SOON", along with a white tent.

Even though both areas are blacked-out on the map, players can actually click on the blacked-out square and enter the area as they normally would in another area. Both areas are extremely identical, although they are both two completely different rooms; if you were to click on one of the blacked-out areas on the map, you would go to a completely different room instead of another blacked-out area on the map (basically it's not different buttons on the map that lead to one entire room). The area is an empty field with a white tent covering a building that's under construction, and a picket fence that reads "COMING SOON".

 It is stull unsure if the area will ever be opened (with chances being lower than ever with the closing of the website), or if the area was even going to be opened at all; in fact, it is more likely that both areas are designed to seem as though they're under construction; however, it would make no sense to put two exactly identical rooms if this were the case, so it may never be revealed if the rooms were to ever be something.

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