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TinierMe and Facebook Daily Login Event
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Start Date

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

End Date

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

As a promotion to TinierMe's official facebook page, facebook users are given a chance to earn an action item for their selfy avatars.

For logging into TinierMe through the main page (login form or facebook connect button), the user earns a Hydrangea Flower Blue. By logging into the facebook application, a user earns a Magic Rod for their selfy avatar. A user can only earn one of each per day.

Event Items

To get the Crystal Jewel Flower action item, a user would need to get 5 of each login item. (Both items are not giftable or tradeable.)

Rules and Regulations

  • The required items cannot be obtained from trade or gifting.
  • The required items MUST be the same as the ones shown above.
  • Once exchanged, the required items will be removed from your closet.
  • The event items are only available during the event period. You can not exchange these items AFTER the Daily Login Event ends.
  • The Hydrangea Flower Blue and Magic Rod items can only be obtained once each per day.
  • It is recommended that you connect your TinierMe account to your TinierMe for Facebook account. At the current time, users can not re-connect an account that they have already registered to the TinierMe for Facebook Application.

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