100114 ice kingdomCP header

Start Date

Friday, January 14th, 2010

End Date

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

The Ice Kingdom Value Campaign is TinierMe's first Selfy Shop Campaign Event. The event features two boxes--one costing 380 G-Coins and the other costing 380 Chibi Coins. If you buy the boxes, you get the items included in that box for much cheaper. For example, if you buy all the items in Box 1 (The G-Coin Box) separately, it comes to 480 G-Coins. The box saves you 100 G-Coins. If you buy all the items in Box 2 separately, it comes to 560 Chibi Coins if you buy them separately, saving you 180 Chibi Coins. You can also buy the boxes just to keep as boxes and consider them as items in themselves, as they can be displayed in your home. You may purchase as many boxes as you like, however, the boxes may only be opened during the duration of the event.

The boxes can be bought in the Interior Shop under "Other" and can be opened at the campaign page.


Box 1 Containments

Box 2 Containments

External Links


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