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Tinier Fishing is a Selfy Town-based individual game that focuses on fishing in the water areas of town.

How to Play

Fishing Items

To equip items, one can go to their closet in the fishing tab and equip the rod and bait. Through Selfy Town, it's possible to automatically equip a rod and bait when in a water area.

Fishing in Town

Fishing howto img01
With a rod equipped and standing by the water, the player can click on themselves to have several options pop up: (1) Fishing, (2) Check Gears, (3) Fishing Guild, (4) Cooler Box, (5) Fishing Info and (6) Fishing Memo.

To fish, stand by the water and click on the "Fishing" icon. The rod will be cast and stay in the water until a fish bites, which will be shown when "CLICK!" starts blinking on the screen. By clicking anywhere in the town window, it will lead to the Fishing Window for further play. If not clicked, the fish will swim away and one bait will be lost.

Fishing Window

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  1. Fish HP (Hit Points): Represents the fish's remaining energy. When the gauge reaches zero the fish will be caught.
  2. Click Count: Number of times you can click within the time limit.
  3. Time Limit: The allotted time to catch the fish. When the gauge reaches zero, the fish will get away.
  4. Target: The target cursor you move and click.
  5. Fish: The fish will swim around within the window. By placing the Target on the fish and clicking, the fish will gradually lose HP. When the fish completely loses its HP within the time limit, the fish will be successfully caught. If the Click Count reaches zero or time runs out, the fish will swim away.
  • Note: If your fish swims away, you will still lose one bait.

Catch Window

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  1. Fish Image: The image of your catch
  2. Fish Name: The name of your catch
  3. Rarity: The rarity grade of your catch
  4. Fish Size: The size of your catch
  5. Points Awarded: Fishing Points you earned from the catch
  6. Size Rankings: The ranking shown when a specific type of fish is caught.
  7. STORE: Store your catch in your Cooler Box
  8. RELEASE: Release your catch

Cooler Box

The cooler box is where all of your fishes are stored in when you decide to save the fish. The fishes don't expire and the maximum it can hold is 20.

Fishing Memo

In the fishing memo, players can see what fishes they've -- and others through their page -- have caught, missions and tournaments.


Ranking is recorded every month through points, catch and fish type. All records can be seen here.

  • Points: Total amount of points received from fishing depending on the kind of fish.
  • Catch: Total fishes caught.
  • Fish Type: Largest size of fish caught.

Fishing Gear

Main article: Tinier Fishing Shop

Besides the Unlimited Rod, advanced rods and bait can be purchased at the fishing shop.

Fishing Areas

Areapic fish




Fishing Guild

Main article: Fishing Guild

The fishing guild is where the player can exchange fishes in the cooler box for items, go to chat rooms, accept missions and enter tournaments. Currently, the mission and tournaments are unavailable right now.

Fishes Available

Fish Rarity: Level 1

Fish Rarity: Level 2

Fish Rarity: Level 3

Fish Rarity: Level 4

External Links

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