Shallow Beach is a fishing area in SelfyTown.

Shallow beach

A group of SELFIES in Shallow Beach saying their good-byes on the last day before the termination of the site.


Shallow Beach is a common fishing-area for people to roleplay. People usually don't fish here often, although the area is usually filled with lots of people (as pictured above). 

Shallow Beach is just a beach full with sea shells and an anonymous message in a bottle (?). On the left of the area is a green grass field, and on the right is an ocean with fish swimming around. People can walk a certain length into the ocean, but not a whole lot.

Down: High-Tide Beach

Left: Plop-Plop Waterfall

Right: Nothing is to the right of Shallow Beach, as the area sits on the edge of SelfyTown.

Up: Fortune Area

Selfy Town Map Description: "A beach area with shallow water."


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