Selfy's Daily Chibi Coin Bonus! Event
Bn 110819 chibiadd

Start Date

Friday, August 19th, 2011

End Date

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Selfy's Daily Chibi Coin Bonus event is a login event and was introdcued through the news pages instead of through a separate page like most events.

Logging In

By logging into the site for the week, the user can get extra chibi coins per day and one Kokoro Shoulder Bag at the end of the event.

Chibi Coins

Users can get 100 Chibi Coins for each day they login on the site during the event.

Kokoro Shoulder Bag

By logging into the site (or through facebook connect) everyday during the event, they can get ONE (1) Kokoro Shoulder Bag after the event ends.

Rules and Regulations

  • Just being on the site will not count, members must LOG IN to TinierMe to get the bonus coins!
  • The Kokoro Shoulder Bag item will be sent to user's closets AFTER the event has ended.
  • The reward item will only be sent to members who have successfully logged in each day during the event.

External Links

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