Plop-Plop waterfall is a fishing-area in SelfyTown. The area is basically a waterfall.

Plo-plop waterfall

A group of SELFIES roleplaying in the Plop-Plop Waterfall area.


Plop-Plop Waterfall is a fishing-area in SelfyTown. The area is the continuation of a river that appears to start from Rickety Rope Bridge and continues to go through Fishing Guild, then ends here, where it turns into a waterfall. A lot of people tend to roleplay here (as pictured above). A lot of people also enjoy fishing here.

The area is basically a waterfall. There is a pathway made of rock, although the path is interupted by the waterfall, and players cannot walk across to the otherside of the waterfall unless they happen to spawn on the the other side via map (characters have been seen pretending to be stuck on the otherside, trying to reach out to their "love"). The grass surrounding the area is dotted with red flowers and yellow mushrooms, and there are rocks with plants on the inside the waterfall (as pictured above); players can't use the rocks to "hop" across to the otherside of the waterfall, either, although it seems like you could do that.

Down: Fountain Square

Left: Kokoro Pond

Right: Shallow Beach

Up: Fishing Guild

Selfy Town Map Description: "An area with a river and a waterfall".


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