Miele's Honey Harvest Event
20110816 hachiEV title

Start Date

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

End Date

Monday, August 29th, 2011

The Miele's Honey Harvest event showcases the arrival of the ChibiPet, Miele. By also purchasing and equipping a certain net only available during the event, one can catch bees in Selfy Town to use to make honey and gain items.


20110816 hachiEV endMiele
Miele is a Wind-type ChibiPet. According to the event page, it was "created by light winds and beeswax! A very hard worker that loves sugary treats!"

Special Items

By equipping the net below (purchasable for 250 chibi coins, users can catch one flying bee in Selfy Town every two (2) hours for a honey cell.

Exchange Items

By catching seven (7) bees, which is enough to fill seven (7) honey cells, the user can claim one (1) Sweet Heart item out of six (6) in total. The honey cells get reset once an item has been claimed.

Rules and Regulations

  • Members may use the TinierMe for Facebook Application to catch the bees, but rewards can only be obtained at
  • The Insect Net Brown MUST be equipped on your Selfy in order to catch the bees in Selfy Town.
  • The Insect Net Brown is available at the Selfy Shop for 250 Chibi Coins.
  • Bees will return to Selfy Town after 2 hours. Catch as many as you can!
  • The event items CAN be claimed more than once, provided you have caught enough bees to fill the honeycomb cells (7 in total). The reward item you receive is random.
  • You will not receive 2 rewards if you catch 14 bees and THEN click the reward button.
  • Please claim 1 reward item with each 7 bees you find!
  • The reward event item may be traded or gifted right away.
  • The event items are only available during the event period.
  • Please note that you cannot get the reward items AFTER the event ends.

External Links

Miele's Honey Harvest Event Page

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