Kokoro Pond is a fishing-area in SelfyTown that resemble the mascot Kokoro.

Kokoro pond

Kokoro Pond itself.


Kokoro Pond is a pond that resembles the head of the mascot Kokoro (hence the name, obviously). Not much people usually fish here, but they still do. Like Gourd Pond, player can glitch into the water of Kokoro Pond (accidentally or intentionally).

The pond is in a lush, green field dotted with red flowers. The pond itself is outlined with bricks and vases (some vases have flowers, other don't). Three spikey logs mimic Kokoro's stripes on his head, two rocks with flowers on them mimic Kokoro's eyes, and his mouth is composed of tree branches; the blush marks on Kokoro's face are being mimicked by lily pads. Unlike Gourd pond, player can physically pass the stone rim that seperate the grass from the pond and walk on the dirt; players are still not supposed to go into the water, though.

Down: Under Construction

Left: Gourd Pond

Right: Plop-Plop Waterfall

Up: Central Square

Selfy Town Map Description: "An area with a pond in the shape of Kokoro's face."


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