Gourd Pond is a fishing-room in SelfyTown; not only is it one of the most popular fishing areas, but the room is also famous for its water glitch.

Gourd pond

Gourd Pond; several SELFIES have glitched into the pond (you aren't supposed to be in there).


Gourd Pond, named due to fact it has the shape of a gourd, is one of the most popular fishing areas in SelfyTown. It is very infamous because of the water glitch; characters will either "hack" into the pond by finding an open space (the pond is blocked by an "invisible wall") to squeeze through, or they will also accidentally spawn inside the pond while using the map to get to the area, rather than normally spawning on the side of the pond as you're supposed to.

The area is a leafy, grass area, and the pond is in the center of the area. The pond's rim has been alligned with logs and stones (the logs appearing to have moss and vines grown over them), and there is an anonymous rock formation in the pond; the rock is covered with grass, and the grass has been "cut" to resemble the apetail symbol (the at "@" sign).

Down: Ring Gate

Left: Fountain Square 2

Right: Kokoro Pond

Up: Outdoor Stage

Selfy Town Map Description: "An area with a gourd-shaped pond."


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