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G-Coin Gift Campaign
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Start Date

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

End Date

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Lasting for only a week, TinierMe users get a chance to obtain up to 3 different tiers of bonus event-exclusive items while purchasing G-Coins during the duration of the campaign. (This does not include obtaining g-coins from tasks and/or offers.) The more g-coins bought in intervals of 500, 1000 or 2000 (or more) the user has a higher eligibility for higher tiers with 2000 g-coins being the highest. By purchasing g-coins in another transaction, the user is eligible for multiple items.

Buying g-coins isn't cumulative and only by purchasing the minimum for each tier in one transaction are you eligible for that tier and any others below that. If a user purchased 1000 g-coins, he/she is eligible for the second tier and for the 500 g-coin tier. If purchasing 1000 g-coins for a second time, the same tiers are achieved. The two different 1000 g-coin transactions doesn't add to 2000 g-coins needed for the highest tier. Instead, 2000 g-coins (or more) would need to be bought in one transaction.

500 G-Coin Tier

Purchase 500 G-Coins to obtain the items below:

1000 G-Coin Tier

Purchase 1000 G-Coins to obtain the item below and the the items located in the 500 g-coin tier:

2000 G-Coin Tier

Purchase 2000 G-Coins or more to obtain the items below and the the items located in both the 500 and 1000 g-coin tier:

Rules and Regulations

  • Items are not available after the G-Coin Gift Campaign is over.
  • Users are eligible to receive multiple amounts of the Campaign items depending on their G-Coin purchase amount.
For example, if a user purchases 1000 G-Coins on 2 separate occasions during the campaign, the user will receive;
2 Layered Pull Hoodie A items,
2 Milk and Red Bean Bread items,
2 Kitten Chest Badge Black items,
2 Summoned Tiger God Yellow items,
but WILL NOT receive the Custom Cross Jacket, Custom Jeans, and Hanging Kitty items.
  • Campaign items will be sent to all participants AFTER the campaign is over, and a notification will be posted in the Campaign and Event Information section on the main page of the TinierMe site.

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