Fountain Square 2
Fountain square 2


"An area with a 4-leafed clover shaped fountain. This area is used freely."

Fountain Square 2 is a "sequel" to the original Fountain square. It is just a normal chat room.


The area is used as a random free-space, although the fountain is indeed altered and changed during events and holidays like the original Fountain Square.

There are several pillas on the side of the area that are made out of gold, turqoise, and lavender stones. In the middle is a golden fountain that is shaped like "a 4-leafed clover", according to the Selfy Town Map. The fountain is a tall decorative structure with a ruby-like stone on top. There are also several red flowers on the ground around the area.

Down: Market Area

Left: Nothing is to the left of Fountain Square 2, as the area sits on the edge of SelfyTown.

Right: Gourd Pond

Up: ChibiPet Area - Gate


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