Fountain Square
Fountain square


"A free area with a big fountain in the middle."

 The Fountain Square is a normal area in SelfyTown were people can just normally talk and chat; unlike other areas, the Fountain Square has a "sequel" area called Fountain Square 2, which is just another area with a fountain.


The area is just a normal, fun chat room. The room is usually empty, although it is still a classic area; the fountain has been altered several times during holidays and events.

The area has several potted plants to the left, and a fountain in the center. The fountain has two benches on the side (the benches are not interactable, meaning players cannot pyhsically sit on them upon contact). The said fountain is also made of golden and yellow pieces, with a lamp-like structure on top; there are also several clovers in the fountain.

Down: Nothing is below Fountain Square, as the area sits on the edge of SelfyTown.

Left: Under Construction

Right: High-Tide Beach

Up: Plop-Plop Waterfall

Selfy Town Map Desctiption: "A free area with a big fountain in the middle."


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