Fortune Area
Fortune area


" A mysterious space that radiates with divine energy flow"

 The Fortune Area is a (usually empty) area in Selfy Town; the area has hosted events featuring a fortune teller named Misha.


The Fortune Area is a place in Selfy Town that would hold events involving a fortune teller named Misha; the several events involved characters buying special G-Coins items which were only available in the fashion and/or interior shop for a limited time; players would trade the limited items for special gifts.

The area has a yellow brick road in it (the road starts from the Fishing Guild area) that leads to several different areas. There is a potted plant to the left, which appears to be extremely colorful in blue, green, gold, silver, and pink stones with a pink flower in it, although it is unsure if it is a real plant; there are, however, several real plants and bushes surrounding the area. In the right center of the area is the fortune building, which is extremely decorated. The opening of the door (which people can go through, although nothing happens) has a gold staircase with red curtains, the entire building is pearly white with gold and blue accents, and there are also several purple flags on the building with golden designs on them. The roof also has a pattern in blue stone.

Down: Shallow Beach

Left: Fishing Guild

Right: Nothing is to the right of the Fortune Area, as the area sits on the edge of SelfyTown.

Up: Under Construction


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