Fishing Guild
Fishing guild


"Take part in Tinier Fishing missions and tournaments in this area."

   The Fishing Guild is a fishing-type room in SelfyTown. In this area, players can fish as well as trade their goods for different items.


The Fishing Guild is a fishing area where players can fish as well as trade in their goods foor certain items that cannot normaly be found/purchased at other shops. Unlike other areas, the Fishing Guild is one of the only areas with a building that people can interact with (another example of a building that is interactable is the Chat Room building in Chat Town ).

The area has a long river that people can fish in; a stone bridge reaches across the river. The bridge has colorful orange and purple stones in it. On the right side of the bridge is a yellow stone pathway; one path leads to the Fortune Area , while the other path leads right into the Fishing Guild building. The building itself is composed of yellow and orange bricks, with blue bricks serving as a decoration in the walls as well as the rooftop. There is a colorful door, and there is a clown fish sign that hangs above it.

Down: Plop-Plop Waterfall

Left: Central Square

Right: Fortune Area

Up: Rickety Rope Bridge


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