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Start Date

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

End Date

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The Doki Doki Endurance Event is the first event involving the Doki Doki IQ High School game. By reaching to the 15th level of ANY of the mini-games, the user gains an interior item, the Storage Locker, which is not tradeable/giftable. To open the locker, the user must buy one of two different Pickaxes from the Selfy Shop to open the locker with to gain the item. The item is chosen at random and depends on what pickaxe the user chooses. To earn multiple lockers, the user has an option to reset their Doki Doki profile and get to the 15th level repeatedly.

Gold Pickaxe Items

By exchanging the Pickaxe Gold (Accessories - Hand) and Storage Locker (Interior - Others), users get a random chance at gaining an item.

Event Items

Silver Pickaxe Items

By exchanging the Pickaxe Silver (Accessories - Hand) and Storage Locker (Interior - Others), users get a random chance at gaining an item.

Event Items

Rules and Regulations

  • The Storage Locker items are not tradeable or giftable, however the Pickaxe Gold and Pickaxe Silver are.
  • The required items will be automatically removed from your closet once the Storage Locker has been opened.
  • If the required items are placed in your room, equipped by your SELFY, or part of an active trade list they can not be used to get the special items.
  • The special items users receive from the Storage Closet for each Pickaxe category are random.
  • The SELFY SHOP will stop selling the Pickaxe Silver and Pickaxe Gold after the Doki Doki Endurance Event ends.
  • All event items are only available during the event period. However, if a user has all the required items, they may open their Storage Locker up to a week AFTER the event has ended.

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