TinierMe will be Closing

The bulletin that was posted up on November 9, 2012.

TinierMe sent a email on the 9th November with some bad news. They announced the end of all Selfy-ness, the end of Tinierme. Sadly, they have closed the site.

In the email, it was told that all G-Coins transactions would come to a halt on the 9th of November, and it site would close on the 10th of December.

Reason of Closure

Users of the site were displeased of the reason the site closed down. The reason was somewhat "revealed" on December 10th, 2012; when trying to acces the site on/after December 10th, a pop-up appeared that states "After 3 years, we've decided that TinierMe had run its course..." in the second line of the paragraph. Users were (and are still) upset at this, feeling that they have closed down for no reason. 
TinierMe note

The note that replaced the TinierMe website.

The most possible reason is an incident in Japan involving gachas on online game sites, stated that the certain "game mechanics are illegal" because the gachas on websites in Japan (gachas are on other websites in different forms, not only on TinierMe if you didn't already know that) are possibly prompting users to pay extreme fees just to play gachas. This is the most likely reason that TinierMe had closed.

The Letter

In the first paragraph of the letter, the letter said "It is with deep regret that we announce the cancellation of TinierMe...". The first paragraph also thanked the users of TinierMe, and then stated the important dates throughout the paragraph. The letter ended with:

"Thank you again for playing,

Best regards,

The TinierMe Team"

Important Dates

The letter mentions two important dates:

  • November 9th: The day the bulletin was posted. On this date, the feature to create new accounts was closed; trying to click on the sign up button would lead to a page reading, "TinierMe will be closing on December 10th, 2012. As we are ending all services, registration for the site is no longer available. We apologize and thank you for your understanding.". Users were also unable to purchase G-Coins or complete surveys for G-Coins on and after this date, although the purchasing of G-Coin items with any left over G-Coins will be continued, as well as the purchasing of other items for Chibi Coins.
  • December 10th: The day that the site was scheduled to be terminated. The site was scheduled to shut down on Monday, the 10th of December, and all characters, profiles, and related personal data would be deleted. The site would no longer be accessable via the site, Facebook,etc. There would also be no refunds for G-Coins due to the cancellation. Terms of Service, however, would be the only information to survive the site's closing.

What now?

While the TinierMe Trading site has been closed along with TinierMe, the DreamSefly tool is still available and working. There is also a forum on the DS site for former TM users to talk.

Atgames (the Japanese TinierMe) is still open if you'd like to create an account on there.



The image that replaced the sign up page for TinierMe.


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