TinierMe Chibi Exchange
ChibiExchange title

Start Date

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

End Date

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Accen 10369461 shop

The Kokoro Shoulder Bag was available from ongoing chibi coin gachas and certain events.

The TinierMe Chibi Exchange allows members to exchange Kokoro Shoulder Bags for gacha tickets, alchemy tickets and special monthly items.

As of May 29th, 2012, this feature was removed.


Gacha Tickets and Alchemy Tickets are used for playing G-Coin Gachas and Alchemy. During the time Chibi Exchange was available, only 5 exchanges for Gacha Tickets were allowed and 2 exchanges for Alchemy Tickets.

Monthly Special Chibi Exchange Items

Exchange Kokoro Shoulder Bags for the item that was available during that month from June 2011 - May 2012. Each require that 8 Kokoro Shoulder Bags are exchanged, except for Rainbow After Rainfall Red, which required 10 Kokoro Shoulder Bags.

June 2011
Back 10361702 shop
Rainbow After Rainfall Red
July 2011
Back 10365363 shop
Walkin' on Ripples Sunrise
August 2011
Acceh 10356854 shop
Tulip Bouquet Yellow
September 2011
Hat 10327163 shop
Breezy Stripe Ribbon Blue
October 2011
Back 10361713 shop
Rainbow After Rainfall Blue
November 2011
Accef 10337422 shop
Maple Leaf Mask Red
December 2011
Hat 10406572 shop
Color-Changing Rose Hair Pin
January 2012
Back 10334642 shop
Lively Goldfish Red
February 2012
Hat 10394884 shop
Triple Star Shine Headband White
March 2012
Accef 10392003 shop
Turnabout Shoulder Sparrow Purple
April 2012
Acceh 10320036 shop
Ritual Onusa
May 2012
Back 10372141 shop
Soul Release Black

Rules and Regulations

  • The Kokoro Shoulder Bag can be obtained in all the Chibi Gacha released on and after June 7, 2011.
  • After each exchange, the necessary amount of Kokoro Shoulder Bags will be removed from your Closet.
  • Limit 5 Gacha Ticket exchanges, and 2 Alchemy Ticket exchanges per month. The limit will reset at the beginning of each month.
  • The Monthly Special Chibi Exchange Item, and the required amount of Kokoro Shoulder Bags to obtain it, will change on the first site updates of every month.
  • The Monthly Special Chibi Exchange Item can be obtained an inifinite amount of times, as long as it is available during that month.
  • Gacha Tickets and Alchemy Tickets cannot be traded or gifted, the Monthly Special Chibi Exchange Item can be traded or gifted right away.
  • The Chibi Exchange items, required amount of Kokoro Shoulder Bags to obtain them, and the limits each month can be subject to change without notice.

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