ChibiPet Area - Gate
Chibi garden gate


"Welcome all ChibiPets! Enter the Garden from this area."

 The Gate of the ChibiPet Area is a huge area that serves as a pet park for ChibiPets (not necessarily exactly made for ChibiPets only, but also another room where people can hang out).


The area is not intentionally made for people to bring their chibipets to, but more of just a normal, decorative room where people can socialize. Some rooms tend to have certain "groups"; in the ChibiPet Gate Area, a lot of foreign-speaking people are usually found here (mainly Spanish-speaking people).

The area is a lushious gren garden that has sort of a wonderland theme to it. The place is very colorful with small trees, benches, etc. There are also random chibipets found around the area (the chibipets are non-sociable and do not belong to anyone; in other words, they aren't real). In the middle of the area is a decorative spot with a circual green-stone pathway and lights; in the center is a fountain which appears to have honey (is it honey?) flowing from it. On the fountain are several gifts, with a ladder leaning on the highest gift which appears to be open; several more chibipets are on the fountain.

The ChibiPet Area- Garden is only accesible through this room.

Down: Fountain Square 2

Left: Nothing is on the left on ChibiPet Area - Gate, as the area sits on the edge of SelfyTown.

Right: Outdoor Stage

Up: ChibiPet Area - Garden   


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