Chat Town
Chat Town


"Area with a Chat Lobby. Chat here with other SELFIES."

Chat Town is an area in Selfy Town where people can enter chats rooms that other people made, or they can create their own chat rooms.


Chat Town is in the upper area of Selfy Town, and it is one of the areas that is on the edge of the Selfy Town Map. People are able to enter other people's rooms in a building called Chat Room, where they can socialize. A lot of people not only go into chat rooms, but also socialize and have conversations outside of the building, as well (pictured above).

Chat town has a floor made completely of yelow bricks, with a huge building in the center with a purple and green sign reading "Chat Room". The Chat Room is an old-fashioned colorful building.

Down: Central Square

Left: Game Area

Right: Rickety Rope Bridge

Up: Nothing is above Chat Town, as the area sits on the edge of SelfyTown.


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