TinierMe Buyer Bonus
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Start Date

Wednesday, June 6th, 2011

The Buyer Bonus is where members get bonuses by making a minimum one-time purchase of 500 G-Coins per month. By doing this 2+ months in a row, the user goes into a Long Term Buyer Bonus and is eligible for gacha tickets, alchemy tickets and a secret monthly item.

Long Term Buyer Bonus

Long Time Buyer Bonus items are given to members of TinierMe that have made purchases of 500 G-Coins or more for 2+ months in a row! By becoming part of the "Long Term Buyer Bonus", users can receive items including gacha tickets, alchemy tickets and a secret item for that month only!

Buyer Bonus Stages

Each Buyer Bonus Stage corresponds to how many consecutive months from qualifying purchases made for that month.

Stage Rewards
0 -
1 -
2 Secret Item + 1 Gacha Ticket
3 Secret Item + 1 Gacha Ticket
4 Secret Item + 1 Gacha Ticket + 1 Alchemy Ticket
5 Secret Item + 2 Gacha Tickets + 2 Alchemy Tickets
6 Secret Item + 3 Gacha Tickets + 3 Alchemy Tickets
Gacha Tickets Alchemy Tickets
A Gacha Ticket can be used in any currently running regular G-Coin Gacha. Playing a regular G-Coin Gacha usually costs G-Coins but with the Gacha Ticket you can play the Gacha once for free!
An Alchemy Ticket can be used in Item Alchemy. Use the power of alchemy to fuse 2 items together and create something different! Creating an item through alchemy usually costs 75 G-Coins but with the Alchemy Ticket you can fuse two items once for free!

Buyer Bonus Secret Items

By purchasing a minimum of 500 G-Coins per month for at least two months, the user gets a secret monthly item at the end of the first site maintenance of the month.

July 2011
Accen 10508956 shop
Buyer Bonus Crown Silver
August 2011
Back 10526763 shop
Rose Floor Window Black
September 2011
Acceh 10531976 shop
Cat Paw Hammer White
October 2011
Fg 10541234 shop
Rainy Day FG2
November 2011
Fg 10518713 shop
Paw Print FG2 Pink
December 2011
Acceh 10420676 shop
Fancy Bird Cage Visitor
January 2012
Coat 10356591 shop
Peek-a-Boo Kikorino School Bag
February 2012
Hat 10440184 shop
Prank Chalk Eraser Brown
March 2012
Acceh 10398443 shop
Fruits Party Set Blue
April 2012
Accen 10339874 shop
Puppy Travel Bag Brown
May 2012
Acceh 10422644 shop
Dog Nap Blanket Yellow
June 2012
Back 10419166 shop
Streaming Rainbow
July 2012
Fg 10511466 shop
Ni Hao Pandas FG2
August 2012
Accen 10396884 shop
Lucky Cat Brown Tabby
September 2012
Acceh 10490512 shop
Popcorn Explosion
October 2012
Back 10474202 shop
Cascading Heart Cushions

Rules and Regulations

  • The reward items are not trade or giftable.
  • Members must purchase or earn 500 G-Coin or more in at least one transaction to qualify for the Buyer Bonus rewards.
  • Smaller purchases made within the month that add up to 500 G-Coins will NOT count. (Eg. A user who purchases 150 G-Coins + 300 G-Coins + 150 G-Coins = 500 G-Coins will NOT qualify for the Buyer Bonus)
  • Buyer Bonus reward items will be shown on this page and distributed to qualifying members along with the gacha/alchemy tickets after the first site updates of the following month.
  • Your Stage will reset to zero if you do not purchase or earn 500 or more G-Coins every month.
  • Stage 6 is the highest stage of the Buyer Bonus. Keep purchasing or earn at least 500 G-Coins every month to continue receiving the Buyer Bonus.
  • Depending on the payment method, G-Coins may take a while to be credited. Please contact TinierMe Support if your G-Coins do not appear after 6 hours. If you purchase G-Coins at the end of the month and do not receive them until the following month, they will count towards the following month.

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