Answer and Win Poll Event
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Start Date

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

End Date

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

The Answer and Win Poll event 2 is similar to the past event, Answer and Win Poll Event. Lasting for a week, players answered a daily multiple-choice question on a variety of topics. At the end of the event, players were awarded up to four prizes for successful participation. In order to win all four prizes, players had to answer all 7 questions right (right = most-picked answer). Players who failed to answer any questions will not eligible for any prizes.

Questions and Answers

  • QUESTION #1: Which flavored ramen do you prefer?
    • Shoyu (Soy Sauce) - 5387 votes (28.5%)
    • Miso - 13483 votes (71.4%)
  • QUESTION #2: Which do you use most often?
    • Desktop PC - 7362 votes (33.1%)
    • Personal laptop - 14824 votes (66.8%)
  • QUESTION #3: Have you ever cosplayed before?
    • Yes - 7568 votes (34.9%)
    • No - 14067 votes (65.0%)
  • QUESTION #4: Which of the following would you rather be?
    • Ninja - 10434 votes (50.3%)
    • Samurai - 10295 votes (49.6%)
  • QUESTION #5: I eat my burgers with a side of...
    • French Fries - 13056 votes (62.4%)
    • Fresh Salad - 7854 votes (37.5%)
  • QUESTION #6: When a new movie comes out, I...?
    • Go see it at the theatre - 8138 votes (40.9%)
    • Wait for the DVD to come out - 11723 votes (59.0%)
  • QUESTION #7: It's the weekend and I have nothing to do! I...
    • Call friends out for some bowling! - 3342 votes (15.1%)
    • Stay at home and play video games - 18669 votes (84.8%)

Event Items

2 or Less "Correct" Answers

3-4 "Right" Answers

5-6 "Right" Answers

All 7 "Right" Answers

Rules and Regulations

  • Each question may only be answered once per day per user.
  • Users must answer AT LEAST 1 question to be eligible for the event items. Any questions that aren't answered before the daily 12:00 AM (PDT) deadline, will automatically be marked as "wrong".
  • Participants will receive their event items in their closets AFTER the event is officially over.
  • Participants have the chance to win multiple items during the event. (For example, a participant can win all 4 event items by answering all 7 questions "right", but will receive 3 event items if 6 questions are answered "right".)
  • There will be less time to answer the first question than the others as the event will open on May 5, after site maintenance.
  • The last question is available on Tuesday, May 11.

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