Alodia vs Emperor Nogi
20110920 alodiaEV title

Start Date

September 20, 2011

End Date

October 4, 2011

Emporor Nogi is back and he's here to take away Alodia's alpaca friends in the Alodia vs Emperor Nogi event ! Alodia ask for your help to save these cute creatures.

The Mission


Basket of Chestnuts

Log in every 3 hours into Selfy Town and find the alpacas. You can only talk to one every 3 hours. The choice is yours of which one you speak to. Once you do, you will obtain the Basket of Chestnuts. These chestnuts are your weapon to attack Nogi!

The Prize

Once you defeat Nogi, go ahead back to the event page and claim your reward! The reward are these cute Fairy Wings! Comes in three colors. Black, Pink, and Purple. The prize is random.

Rules and Regulations

  • You can obtain one Basket of Chestnuts Brown item from Alodia's alpaca friends in Selfy Town once every 3 hours. Find Emperor Nogi in Selfy Town and throw the Basket of Chestnuts at him to reduce his Hit Points (HP)!
  • You can choose to throw one Basket of Chestnuts or all of the Basket of Chestnuts in your closet when you encounter Emperor Nogi. Each Basket of Chestnuts Brown item you throw will reduce 1 HP.
  • The Basket of Chestnuts Brown item will be removed from your closet when it is thrown at Emperor Nogi.
  • The Basket of Chestnuts Brown item cannot be used if it is equipped on your Selfy.
  • The Flower Fairy Wings items can be traded or gifted right away.
  • The event prize items are only available during the event period. Please note that you cannot claim the items AFTER the event ends.
  • The event is not applicable for the TInierMe for Facebook Application.

External Links

Alodia vs Emperor Nogi event Page

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